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Travel Cash card

SB TCK Ersatz

Available to everyone.

No annual fee.

Replaced immediately when lost.

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Load in euros, US dollars or Swiss francs.

Prompt delivery following receipt of order (as a rule next business day).


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SB TCK Gebuehr

Worldwide cash withdrawals at nearly 2 million ATMs.

Direct payments at over 35 million shops, restaurants, and hotels.

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SB TCK Ergaenzung

Safe payments on the Internet in all online shops accepting MasterCard.

Not tied to a bank account.

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Utmost safety

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is replaced worldwide, at no charge and with its remaining balance credited to your account if lost or stolen. Unlike other cards, Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is not tied to your bank account. Moreover, thanks to MasterCard SecureCode, the Card offers added protection against online card fraud.

Worldwide acceptance

Load your Card and withdraw cash in local currency or pay for purchases directly worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted: at about 2 million ATMs, at more than 35 million merchant locations, and online. In addition, Travel Cash includes PayPass by MasterCard.

Easy to reload

You can reload your Travel Cash Card at any time where you purchased it. As a rule, you pay a 1% charge of the load amount and are able to withdraw funds again in local currency the next time you travel.

Many locations

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is available quickly and easily fom banks, PostFinance offices and SBB Change. More